AWOL Vision: Best Laser 4K UST Projector for 2024

AWOL Vision: Best Laser 4K UST Projector for 2024

If you're in search of the top Laser TV projector available, you're in the right place. By reading the following lines, you'll find many of your questions answered, making your decision much simpler.

When we here at AWOL Vision decided to put our passion for a great home theater experience into action, we did not follow the beaten path, but set our own high standards to create something unique, something that would lead the evolution in the category, and we believe we have succeeded.

But what makes AWOL Laser TVs so special and perhaps the best possible choice for enjoying a large cinema screen at your home in 2024?


AWOL's Pure RGB Laser Technology

AWOL's RGB optical Laser engine is by far the most technologically advanced and efficient engine on the market today.

Without the use of color or phosphor wheels, AWOL's pure RGB Laser engine uses three latest generation monochromatic Lasers, one for each primary color (red-blue-green). This simple arrangement ensures a unique wide color palette with a complete coverage of the REC.2020 standard of 107%. However, this is only one aspect of the coin.

There is another parameter that is perhaps even more important, the brightness of the colors. In this area, AWOL's optical laser engine delivers exceptional brightness in the primary and secondary colors. This is responsible for the "vivid" image that is typical of the LTV-3XXX series and sets it apart from the competition.

This powerful Laser engine also delivers the highest lumen output available on the market, establishing AWOL as the brightest Laser TV solution available.


Noise, Cooling and Operating Temperature

When we're immersed watching our favorite movie, the last thing we want is a loud distraction from our Laser projector. Many Laser TV projector owners have expressed concerns in this regard, and rightly so as the most models on the market tend to be quite noisy. At AWOL, we've developed one of the most efficient cooling systems coupled with a powerful, low-consumption RGB laser light source. We have succeeded in reducing the operating noise of the LTV series to an unprecedented level of less than 30db in real viewing conditions and also lower the overall operation temperature.

That make the AWOL Laser TV the quietest and cooler projector on the market.


True Cinema 24Hz - Advanced Frame Interpolation

AWOL engineers have overcome the 60Hz limitation of the 4K DLP XPR optical engine for the first time. Our LTV series is the only Laser TV on the market that can deliver the 24Hz content at the original frame rate. With an AWOL projector, you can now enjoy your movies without the problematic conversion from 24Hz to 60 Hz, which often resulted in image quality loss from the well-known 3:2 pulldown phenomenon.

For those who prefer smoother motion than the original 24 Hz, our MEMC setting, powered by a powerful processor combined with an intelligent algorithm, offers smooth motion with 3 levels (low, medium, high) and the most important, with artifacts free operation.


Games – Input Lag

Gaming on a 120" - 150" screen, especially with the wide color palette of AWOL projectors, offers a unique experience. Until now, however, all commercially available 4K Laser TVs suffered from significant HDMI input lag, making them unsuitable for gaming. With the AWOL LTV series, we have achieved the impossible for a DLP technology Laser TV, we have reduced the input lag to just 8ms at 1080p 120 Hz and 15ms at 4K 60 Hz.

This makes the AWOL Laser TV projectors the ideal (perhaps even the only) choice for gaming enthusiasts.


Perfect Image Focus/Clarity

A common problem for laser TV owners is the lack of sharpness in certain areas of the screen, usually in the upper two corners. We have addressed this problem by equipping the optical system of the LTV series with a large and well-designed multilayer glass-lens from the well-known leading Japanese company RICOH.

AWOL's projectors offer some of the clearest and most precisely focused images available on today’s Laser TV market.


Clever Laser Dimming – Improved Contrast

The presence of different laser diodes for each of the three primary colors allowed AWOL engineers to develop and implement one of the most discrete dynamic Laser dimming systems on the market. The algorithm adjusts the power of the laser system frame by frame to the respective scene correcting the gamma values at the same time.

The result is significantly improved contrast, deeper blacks without losing the punch on highlights that co-exists on the same image frame.


Dolby Vision – HDR 10+

AWOL isn't only capable, but also certified to receive and play all UHD High Dynamic Range formats.

By meeting all requirements such as 1000 nits brightness, full coverage of the REC.2020 color standard and certified hardware and software for frame-by-frame processing of HDR/Dolby Vision content, AWOL sets the standards in the category as far concerning the UHD Dolby Vision/HDR10+ performance.


Full Picture Settings

At AWOL Vision, we have placed particular emphasis on configuring the settings of our Laser TV series so that they can function smoothly and linearly. The LTV series has one of the most comprehensive arsenals in terms of picture settings. With a full Color Management System (CMS) for all primary and secondary colors, users are free to experiment or let professional calibrators bring their Laser TV to perfection without the need of external scalers.

The RGB&Gamma settings also work flawlessly and allow easy and instant adjustment of grayscale temperature and brightness levels, all via a clear, simple and linear menu interface.

Additional features such as MEMC, noise reduction, dynamic contrast, manual Laser engine power adjustment and the optional disabling of the XPR module to significantly improve the projection quality of 1080p (FHD) content, are just the icing on the cake.


The "Smart" Interface

We have designed the AWOL LTV series to provide a clean Android environment with all the basic features and settings a user needs. The entire interface is as user-friendly as possible, allowing the user to set everything without having to navigate through a complex menu tree. In contrast, we have created a hidden third HDMI port to which the Amazon Firestick 4k that comes with the projector can be connected. This enables a smart interface for all your online streaming services (Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime etc.) that is totally independent of the main projector main interface.

This design offers two key advantages. Firstly, it separates the basic menus of the projector from the smart interface, enhancing user navigation and accessibility. Secondly, it provides flexibility for possible hardware upgrades, enabling users to seamlessly transition to upgraded devices like a new Amazon Firestick version perhaps, or utilize their preferred media stick such as the Google Chromecast or any other smart media box of their choice.

In summary, you have the freedom to use always the latest software upgrades for your AWOL smart interface on an independent media device (or upgrade to a new media stick/box if you wish), while still being able to use all the settings of your projector independently without having to leave the smart interface or the streaming service you are watching.



In the development of the hardware for the AWOL LTV series, our focus was particularly directed towards optimizing the processing of 3D signals. To achieve this, we outfitted our Laser TV series with two powerful signal processors capable of supplying the optical DLP engine with 240 frames per second-60 frames per second for each eye and 120 frames per second for the DLP link signal.

Moreover, our software meticulously manages 3D content to ensure that the color performance of the projector aligns closely with industry standards when you're wearing active 3D glasses. This balanced configuration guarantees a seamless viewing experience devoid of any image color distortion or crosstalk, eliminating the possibility of double image phenomenon that often associated with 3D movies or documentaries viewing.

Our goal was to redefine the 3D entertainment experience, and we have undoubtedly succeeded. To truly comprehend the uniqueness and entertainment value of the 3D feature, one must witness firsthand the awe-inspiring 3D projection delivered by an AWOL Laser TV projector.


Integrated Sound System

The AWOL Laser TV boasts four front-facing speaker drivers, delivering a combined power output of 36 watts. The audio quality is impressive, offering a rich and immersive sound experience. Despite its two-channel stereo configuration, it effectively creates a spacious virtual 3D effect. The integrated amplifier has the ability to optimize and process the playback of DTS & Atmos movie soundtracks for a truly immersive audio movie experience.

This integrated soundbar offers more than satisfactory room coverage without the need for a separate sound system in most of the cases.


AWOL Screen and UST projector Cabinet

We are the first laser TV brand to offer a complete catalog of companion products.

The latest generation of AWOL CLR fixed frame screens up to 132’ and Cinematic+ CLR rising floor screens up to 120’ offer users the ability to create the viewing space they envisioned with the vast improvement in image quality that these screens, designed specifically for UST Laser TV projectors, provide.

In addition to the screens, we have designed and manufactured special luxury cabinets/furniture that can accommodate a Laser TV & a UST screen, infusing your personal space with a futuristic aesthetic unlike any other.

At AWOL, we remain dedicated to expanding our production line with innovative, top-tier accessories that seamlessly complement our Laser TV projectors ensuring an unparalleled viewing journey for our users.


The Best Laser TV Projector for 2024

AWOL currently offers the most comprehensive package in the laser TV industry. With groundbreaking features such as true 24 Hz, minimal input lag, pure RGB laser light source and the ability to project 3D content at the highest level, AWOL LTV series is perhaps the smartest choice in the Laser TV market for 2024.

Whether for private home theater use or for the demands of a professional environment, the AWOL Laser TV projector stands out as the ideal and smartest choice, ensuring an optimal user experience with the highest image quality that technology can offer us today.

AWOL Vision

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