The LTV-2500 4K 3D Triple Laser Projector showcases cutting-edge projection technology with a sleek design.
Top view of the LTV-2500 4K 3D Triple Laser Projector highlighting its compact and sleek design.
The bottom view of the LTV-2500 4K 3D 3-in-1 Laser Projector highlights the USB socket and cooling holes underneath.
Back panel of LTV-2500 4K 3D Projector highlighting USB, HDMI, and Audio ports with patented TV stick pocket.
Dimensional guide for LTV-2500 4K 3D Projector showing optimal image size and throw distance for home theaters.
The 4K Triple Color UST Projector LTV-2500 with HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos for an immersive cinematic experience.
A modern living room featuring the 4K UST Projector with a vibrant underwater scene on the screen.
Fans enjoying a lifelike football game displayed on a 4K UST Projector in a dynamic home entertainment setup.

4K 3D Triple Laser Projector LTV-2500

Sale price$2,999.00 USD


30 Days Price Match Guarantee

AWOL guarantees that we will refund you the difference if you find a lower price from us within 30 days of your purchase.



The Best Value RGB Triple Laser Projector on the market

LTV-2500 RGB Triple Laser Projector displaying a stunning sunset landscape in a stylish living room. Sunset view over a reflective lake projected in a modern home theater setup featuring the LTV-2500 RGB Triple Laser Projector.
Detailed breakdown of the LTV-2500 features showcasing perfect sharpness with Triple Laser technology and HDR10+. Detailed breakdown of the LTV-2500 features showcasing perfect sharpness with Triple Laser technology and HDR10+.

Close-to-Perfection Clarity

In both upper corners of the image ,the focus and clarity are
close to perfection, you can almost see the pixels appearing
when you get too close.

AWOL Vision 4K Laser Projector highlighting its close-to-perfection image clarity on a large 150 AWOL Vision 4K laser ust projector delivering nearly perfect image clarity on expansive screens, with a cinematic visual.

True-to Life One+Billion Colors

The color palette and behavior is handled flawlessly
whether it’s for SDR or HDR content.

Visualization of the wide color gamut provided by AWOL Vision 4K Laser Projector, outperforming traditional LCD and single laser systems. AWOL Vision 4K triple laser projector's true-to-life color display comparison, illustrating over a billion colors for both SDR and HDR content.
AWOL Vision 4K Laser UST projector displaying a captivating underwater scene with Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and Dolby Atmos features. The AWOL Vision projector showcases an underwater scene with detailed features like Dolby Vision and HDR10+ for a premium viewing experience.

Stunning 3D performance

Better than IMAX 3D, you will experience

an immersive “journey” with a movie.

A movie adventure awaits with AWOL Vision Laser projector 3D capabilities, offering a better than IMAX 3D experience visualized by an astronaut's spacewalk. An immersive cinematic journey with the AWOL Vision 4K UST Projector, boasting better than IMAX 3D movie quality.

Gamers, Behold!

Exhibits the lowest-ever large screen time

lag of 8ms to ensure that all your gaming

action is real-time.

A racing game displayed on the AWOL Vision 4K Laser UST Projector with an impressive low input lag for gaming, ensuring real-time play. Real-time gaming is redefined with AWOL Vision ultra-low-latency projector, presenting a thrilling car race with just 8ms lag in 1080p.
AWOL Vision 4K UST Projector supporting native 24 FPS for cinema purists, displaying movie clapboard to emphasize cinematic authenticity. True to the director's vision, the AWOL Vision 4K UST Projector maintains a 24 FPS playback for a genuine cinematic experience.

Cinema Quality Sound

By employing advanced height virtualization techniques

on top of traditional stereo,AWOL deliver an Immersion

audio experience.

AWOL Vision 4K projector enhancing home audio with Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X technologies, illustrated by a dolphin underwater scene. Experience immersive cinema-quality sound with AWOL Vision 4K projector featuring Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual X, as shown with vivid underwater visuals.

Enhanced Black Level

The implementation of Laser dimming technology has

greatly improved contrast, leading to a significant

enhancement in image quality.

AWOL Vision 4K projector's new laser dimming technology delivers enhanced black levels and contrast, demonstrated with before and after flamingo images. Dramatically improved contrast and black levels on AWOL Vision 4K projector, featuring laser dimming technology, exemplified by richer flamingo visuals.

Super Energy Saving

Compare to a LED TV, the consuming power of AWOL is only182W.

It is only 1/15 of LED TV’s and it just costs you less than $48 in a year.

AWOL Vision projector touts super energy efficiency, consuming less power than LED TVs and offering substantial yearly savings. Go green with AWOL Vision projector, achieving remarkable energy savings with low power consumption and cost-effectiveness highlighted.

Keystone Correction

AWOL Vision 4K projector adjustable focus with 8-point keystone correction ensures a perfect display, as shown in a before-and-after comparison. Fine-tune your visual experience with AWOL Vision 4K projector offering advanced 8-point keystone correction for impeccable focus, illustrated with a sharp and vibrant image.
AWOL Vision 4K Projector Full Color Management System interface with sliders for red hue, saturation, and brightness, alongside the REC 2020 color space diagram. Detailed CMS for precise color adjustment on an AWOL Vision projector, showing advanced calibration settings and REC 2020 color space coverage.

1st UST RGB Laser TV Specialty
Store in US & American based Service

Based in Delary Beach FLorida, AWOL VISION opens up the 1st

UST Projector Specialty Store in US for live experience.

In addition, we provide 2 year warranty and US based 24/7

customer service and local maintenance.

Phone and Livechat assistant are available

The first AAWOL Vision 4K UST Laser TV Specialty Store in Delray Beach, Florida, providing a live experience with robust customer support services. AWOL Vision's inaugural UST RGB Laser TV store in the US showcases commitment to local customer experience and American-based service.
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