Introducing AWOL,
The New Era Of Television

Customer Reviews

We just received our 3500 and what can I say it’s Freaking amazing. My wife and I are so glad that we did not settle for the VAVA or Optima P2. We never had a projector before and my wife and I like the Optima P2 originally but we are so glad we took the chance on the AWOL Company and all We can say is WOW. The colors are so vibrant and bright, can’t wait to get it 100% set up.

Thank you again for making such an amazing product

Joshua D, Indiegogo Comment

“Buy it now you will be utterly impressed. I got mine a few weeks ago and it blows away all competition on the market in the same price range . You won’t find a better customer service either!”

Chuck B, Facebook Comment

“I got the projector yesterday, quick setup out the box, no tweaking, and even before calibration, this has the best image I’ve seen of any Laser UST to date! Colors are very natural and rich. I found myself mesmerized, while watching season 4 of Mrs Maisel, skin tones are spot on! I’m beyond happy with this projector. And Thank you for the Amazon stick!!! Whoever thought to make a hidden compartment for it is a genius! It’s an elegant and brilliant solution! The projector was also delivered ahead of schedule, which is also super impressive considering the platform, and supply chain/global issues. Thanks, you guys ROCK and should be proud!”

Michael O, Indiegogo Comment

“I just received mine last night and here are my quick thoughts. The projector is ridiculously good! AWOL - Your competitors are gonna hate you for launching this amazing product! The out of the box settings are so good! I needed minimal other calibration.”

CD, Indiegogo Comment

“As my fifth UST projector and second laser-based UST, I have to commend the team on an absolutely excellent product. My previous laser UST, the “JMGO U2 4K” suffered from over-saturation, poor color rendition, and limited calibration. My LTV-2500 out of the box is amazing - took me less than ten minutes to set up and start enjoying the excellent picture quality. I’m very pleased with this projector”

Paul S, Indiegogo Comment

I was completely amazed at the quality of the image this projector produced. If you are on the fence at all about backing this project, please don’t wait. At MSRP of 5999 this projector is worth every penny.”

Adam K, Indiegogo Comment

With the new AWOL triple laser projector you can enjoy a dramatic 4K movie Theater from anywhere. Coupled with an exceptional audio immersion your watching experience was never better

Movies Come Alive With
1+ Billion Colors

AWOL Vision projects vibrant shots that are sharp and exhibit zero loss of details. Watch a movie on any wall and experience brighter colors, dazzling whites, and intense blacks. Get authentic color tones with AWOL's Triple Laser technology that uses RGB laser sources without a color wheel.

Better Than a movie theater

Powered with a cutting edge Tri-Chroma Pure Laser engine without a color wheel, the AWOL Vision projector covers 107% of Rec.2020, the parameter value for ultra-high definition TV systems.

Featuring 4K UHD AND HDR10+

A Crystal Clear Resolution

Featuring 4K UHD and HDR10+ image processing, the AWOL Vision casts images with the clarity precision of 8.3 million distinct pixels. Placed just inches away from the wall, it can create a gigantic 150-inch projection.

*4K resolution up to 120" display

Don't Settle

With a maximum projection size of 150" and an Ultra Short Throw distance, AWOL helps you get rid of messy wires or obstructed views.

*4K resolution up to 120" display


When you switch to the Game Mode, AWOL Vision exhibits the lowest-ever time lag of 30ms to ensure that all your gaming action is real-time. It's also safe for your eyes, which means you can play all day long.


Featuring MEMC Technology, AWOL laser projectors deliver smooth content and transitions. Fast-moving images are clear which is ideal for watching sports and action movies. See your favorite team win in stunning 4K.

A Rich Audio Experience

Instantly immerse with Dolby ATMOS embedded into AWOL Vision. With HDMI eARC, AWOL enables Dolby ATMOS with lossless audio data to your external soundbar. The 36W stereo speakers create an exceptional audio immersion to enhance your home theater experience.

Elevate Your Experience With An Ambient Light Rejection Screen

Easily arrange your screen

Place your projector almost anywhere with a hassle free installation and easy connectivity.

All you need is a wall.

Patented TV Streaming STick Pocket

Allows you to hide the TV stick inside the projector.
8 point keystone correction

No fixed focus design, equipped with electric motor lens and up to 8-Point keystone correction technology which lets you make micro-adjustments to the picture size and image quality. Tweak it to perfection without breaking a sweat!

Up to 25,000 hours lifespan
Ultra-Long Lifespan, the laser light technology provides up to 25,000+ hours of entertainment without the need for replacing a bulb.