Awol Vision Reviews
Review: AWOL LTV-3500 Pro
"Incredibly bright. Up to 150-inch screen. No mounting required. Convenient details, like a compartment for streaming stick and automatic bulb shutoff. Smooth gaming experience. Incredibly expensive. Needs a lot of floor space to get the biggest screen size. Expensive. 4K resolution limited to 60 Hz for gaming. Did we mention expensive? PROJECTORS CAN BE a niche option for your living room, if only because they often require a lot of special care that typical TVs don’t—like a separate reflective screen, dark curtains or rooms with no windows, and complicated ceiling mount systems. The AWOL LTV-3500 Pro doesn’t eliminate those problems entirely, but it substantially shifts the balance of those trade-offs. That comes at a price, though."
Tsolas Nikos, ProjectorJunkies
AWOL LTV-2500 Full Review
"And I ask you, how can you not love a company that from the first day of presenting its models, never stopped evolving its software and constantly providing significant updates for free to the owners?"
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The Huge 120-inch Vanishing TV
"You've seen laser projectors before, but I have never seen an all in one system that, with the push of a button, actually sends everything into a TV like format at this scale. So I was it was very engaging and immersive. I suggested, especially at 120. A very magical experience. Can really achieve. Now, the beauty of this is that you don't have any of your components exposed when it's not in use and you don't have the eyesore of a giant black hole that you're staring at when you're not actually watching something. So this type of integration here, it just keeps everything more streamlined. There's something so satisfying about the ritual of the experience, like watching it just rise up and then getting prepared to watch something. "
Review: AWOL LTV-3500 Short Throw Projector
"Arguably, the only reason to go this hard on your entertainment system is to replicate what most people can only get in theaters: a gigantic screen that's so overwhelming that it transports you into the world of the movie you're watching. Even though I'm partial to the large-format viewing experience, I like crisp, vibrant displays with rich color and great contrast. That can be hard to get with projectors, which tend to struggle against the ambient light coming from lamps, overhead fixtures, or even sunlight bleeding through the windows. So it was a pleasant surprise when the LTV-3500 projector managed to give me the picture I want with few of the trade-offs."
The Vision Vanish Is the First Laser Projector With Its Own Disappearing Screen
"You can always use a big empty wall as a screen,but for optimal results, including on metrics like brightness, contrast,and accurate color reproduction, a highly-reflective projector screen is the preferred way to go. Unfortunately,this often requires complicated installation when going 100 inches and larger.It makes splurging on a giant TV seem like the easiest route, but AWOL's Vision Vanish looks like it solves many of the pain points of opting for a projector."
The Best New TVs and Monitors at IFA 2023
"However, as TV sizes increase, they occupy more space, even when you're not using them. So, to help address this, AWOL introduced the Vision Vanish Laser TV. This unit incorporates a laser TV projector, a retracting screen, and a smart cabinet holding it all together. All this comes out to a 100 or 120-inch screen with 3D and MEMC technology. By putting this all together, you get a high-end that features 3,500 lumens brightness with HDR 10+ support and 36-watt Dolby-compatible speakers. It also has a 4K resolution, and the company claims that the screen's lag is only 30ms when gaming mode is activated, making it an excellent gaming display."
Best home projectors: Create a cinematic viewing experience in your TV room
"If you're seeking the ultimate home theater experience that includes a 4K laser projector able to generate a sharp, extremely bright and realistic looking picture on a screen that's up to 150 inches, look no further than the AWOL Vision LTV 3500 Pro. This amazingly powerful projector is not cheap, but it includes just about all of the key features needed to be the centerpiece of a home theater system that will make your friends jealous when you invite them over for a movie night or to watch sporting event."
AWOL Vision Triple Laser LTV-3500 Pro Review - A Superior Alternative to Your TV
"The AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro stands out as a contender in the ultra-short throw projector market, earning the title of AVS Top Choice for 2024. With its remarkable brightness and vivid picture quality, it not only fulfills the role of a TV replacement but can also be used in a dedicated home theater setup. Priced at $5,999 for the projector itself, it represents a significant investment; however, its performance justifies the expense for those in search of top-tier ultra-short throw projection. The LTV-3500 Pro's handling of HDR content is exemplary, showcasing a wide color gamut and dynamic range that breathes life into any viewing material, from the latest blockbuster hits to video games. Whether you're upgrading your home cinema or looking for a TV alternative, the LTV-3500 Pro delivers on all fronts, making it a worthy investment."
Triple Laser Magic: AWOL Vision’s IFA 2023 Spectacle
"IFA’s reputation as the epicenter of tech innovation finds a worthy contender in AWOL Vision’s LTV-3000 Pro and LTV-3500 Pro. These short-throw triple laser projectors promise lifelike color accuracy and ultra-sharp visuals. Additionally, gamers can rejoice with its ultra-responsive, lag-free performance, and active 3D capabilities. One cannot discuss AWOL Vision without applauding their lauded sharpness in image projection. Much credit goes to their strategic partnership with renowned lens developer Ricoh, integrating the expansive f2.0 aperture lens. The newly launched LTV-3500 Pro comes with a firmware tweak, amplifying the contrast ratio by a staggering 2.5 times, addressing and surpassing the trade-offs that plague many of its competitors. However, AWOL Vision isn’t stopping there. A firmware rollout is on the horizon for its existing LTV-2500 and LTV-3500 customer base, raising the bar for projection quality"
AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro: Redefining Gaming Realism—Short Throw Projection Put to the Virtual Test
"The AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro emerges as a pinnacle in gaming entertainment. Its fusion of cutting-edge technology, immersive visuals, and responsive gaming performance propels it into a league of its own. While the investment may be substantial, the rewards in terms of gaming bliss and cinematic experiences make the LTV-3500 Pro a compelling choice for gaming enthusiasts seeking a revolution in their entertainment setups. Prepare to be captivated by the AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro as it transports you into the heart of your favorite virtual worlds with unprecedented brilliance and style.Honestly, it made me never want to leave my new home gaming theater.Enter this new world at your own risk!"
AWOL Vision Announces New Eyewatering Pro UST Projector Lineup
"Additional features the LTV-3500 Pro brings to the table include HDR 10+, 3500 peak lumens, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos audio support, Control4 integration, 4K display resolution, triple color laser projection, and F/2.0 Rico lens for incredible clarity in the projection itself. Control4 integration allows AWOL's newest projectors to fit seamlessly into any end-user's preferred smart home ecosystem. The company's triple laser technology also gifts the new lineup an unprecedented color potential, with over a billion colors, covering 107% of the REC 2020 Color Gamut and 147% of DCI-P3 for incredible color accuracy, as well. The LTV-3500 also comes equipped with 3D viewing. This means that you can watch select 3D Blu-ray or alternative films with a pair of active shutter 3D glasses for the most immersive in-home viewing experience imaginable. 3D viewing certainly isn't for everyone, but it's an interesting addition that could prove to be game-changing for incred;ible cinematic 4K experiences."
The best gadgets of IFA 2023
"If you’re looking for a luxurious way to watch your favorite content, look no further than the Awol Vision Vanish Laser TV. Made with versatility in mind, its modular design ensures it’s apartment-friendly and easy to transport. With its impressive rollable technology, this TV magically appears and disappears at your command, offering 100- and 120-inch screen sizes for an immersive viewing experience. Dive into a new dimension with its 3D display and included active-shutter DLP link 3D glasses, which is why it made our list of best gadgets of IFA 2023 day 2."
AWOL Vision Illuminates IFA 2023 with Next-Gen Triple Laser Projectors
"With a history of delivering industry-leading clarity, much of AWOL Vision’s acclaim can be attributed to its collaboration with Ricoh in developing the f2.0 aperture lens. But they didn’t stop there. The LTV-3500 Pro comes with a firmware tweak, enhancing contrast by an astonishing 2.5x. This leap in technology defies the common trade-off between sharpness and contrast, offering viewers a pristine, lifelike image quality. Existing LTV-2500 and LTV-3500 users aren’t left out either; an OTA update will soon upgrade their viewing experiences. When it comes to Dolby Vision, the LTV-3500 Pro stands unparalleled, capturing the nuanced shades and hues that give viewers an immersive experience, be it the hues of a cinematic ocean or the vibrancy of gameplay."
AWOL Vision launches Pro Series 4K UST projectors with Dolby Vision
"The Pro series projectors also gain Dolby Vision for "an enhanced viewing experience marked by stunning visuals, vivid colors and unparalleled realism." The press materials only included specs for the LTV-3500 Pro model, but the main difference between the two series members appears to be brightness output (with the numbers in the model names revealing the lumens achieved)."
AWOL Vision Unveils LTV-3500 Pro and LTV-3000 Pro UST Projectors: CEDIA 2023
"AWOL Vision, a pioneer in triple-laser home entertainment, will unveil its Pro series triple laser projectors to the US market at CEDIA 2023. Known for their razor-sharp image quality, AWOL Vision is taking it up a notch with lifelike colors, superior sharpness, and lag-free gaming in the LTV-3500 Pro and LTV-3000 Pro projectors. These projectors boast a 2.5x contrast boost over the previous generation of AWOL UST projectors, thanks to refined firmware that eliminates the usual trade-off between sharpness and contrast found in competitor projectors. Further, these new projectors support Control4, ensuring seamless integration into smart homes."
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AWOL Vision Debuts LTV-3500 Pro & LTV-3000 Pro UST Projectors
"AWOL Vision, a well-known name in triple-laser home entertainment, has made waves at IFA 2023 by introducing its latest Pro series triple laser projectors to the US market. Renowned for their exceptional image quality, AWOL Vision has upped the ante by bringing lifelike colors, unparalleled sharpness, and lag-free gaming to the forefront with the LTV-3500 Pro and LTV-3000 Pro projectors."
AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro Series 4K Triple Laser Projector now on sale with smart home upgrade
"AWOL Vision has launched the LTV-3500 Pro Series 4K Triple Laser Projector in the UK and EU, with pre-orders offered in the US. The device upgrades the LTV-3500 by adding support for Dolby Vision and smart home integration. Other features include 8ms input lag for gaming and a 36W sound system."
AWOL’s Vision Vanish Is A Laser TV With A Disappearing 120″Screen
"The tech company has designed a streamlined, all-in-one home theater system by fusing a short-throw projector, powerful speakers, and a retractable screen. Moreover, these elements deem it far more similar to a legitimate movie theater than the typical projector-on-a-wall viewing experience. The innovative Vision Vanish transforms in no more than the push of a button, as what initially resembles a piece of furniture reveals a hidden screen and AWOL LVT-3500 laser projector, the latter of which features HDR 10+ support, 3,500 NASI lumens, and 36-watt Dolby Atoms-compatible speakers."
Trend Hunter
AWOL’s Vision Vanish Is A Laser TV With A Disappearing 120″Screen
"The AWOL Vision Vanish Laser TV is a streamlined piece of entertainment equipment for the modern living room that's engineered to provide a powerful user experience. The TV is characterized by its all-in-one design that will reveal its display at the press of a button and hide it away when not in use. Utilizing a short-throw projector, the unit offers HDR 10+ support along with a 36W series of speakers that are Dolby Atmos compatible."
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South Florida companies showcase EV chargers, surgical robots, 'digital twins' at CES 2023
"The annual technology convention is projected to have as may as 100,000 in-person attendees at the show, which runs until Jan. 8. CES showcases businesses- including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware and content — developing novel products and services.  
  • ·AWOL Vision: Headquartered in West Palm Beach, the electronics firm makes televisions and home entertainment systems.
Gizmodo 2
LG Put Some Shoes on Turntables and Suddenly I Care About Kicks
"Our team is on the ground in Las Vegas working around the clock to share all the biggest news and announcements from CES 2023. Here are some of the best reveals made at the show so far, and make sure to check back often for the latest and greatest.
  • ·AWOL’s Vision Vanish Projector: Want the big screen movie theater experience at home but don’t want to lose an entire wall to a screen? This short-throw projector  has its own built-right-in that extends and retracts at the push of a button.
B The Installer
Best of CES Main Floor
"So we actually have AWOL VISION here, the LTV-3500 pro, a 150 inch, 4k UHD, 3D triple laser TV, that’s very mirthful. It is pretty cool. Trust me. Have the 3D glasses on. It actually has a micro usb connection right on the nose, of the bridge whatever you wanna call, under the glasses...Because obviously when people come through with no stop, it can hardly see it. But it is really cool because it likes James out of you. And this is a 150’’ screen and it’s like 10 feet away and so when you got that sort of scale. It is pretty awesome. "
US timespost
Meet the First Laser Projector With Its Own Disappearing
"If you’re looking for that big cinematic experience at home – we’re talking 100 inches here – a projector is usually the cheapest route. But if money is no object and you’d rather skip the cumbersome setup, calibration, and screen assembly steps that typically accompany a projector,  AWOL’s vision disappears packs a short-throw projector, speakers and a retractable self-standing screen into a single cabinet. You can always use a large blank wall as a screen, but for best results, include on metrics like Brightness, contrast and accurate color reproductiona highly reflective projection screen is the preferred method. Unfortunately this often requires complicated installation when going 100 inches and larger. It seems like the easiest way to splurge on a giant TV, but AWOL’s Vision Vanish looks like it’ll solve a lot of the pain points of choosing a projector. "
[CES 2023] AWOL Vision announces the 3,500-lumen LTV 3500 PRO
"AWOL vision is bringing the magic once again with the LTV 3500 PRO to give you the best home theater experience possible. The LTV 3500 PRO boasts more crisp viewing and compatibility with smart home systems to give you a top-of-the-line luxury home entertainment experience. "AWOL Vision has a dream of offering the best home theater experience possible for any TV enthusiast," says Steven Shulman, CEO of Awol Vision. “Experience the largest and most crisp HD TV option out there for your home to truly understand the AWOL difference at CES 2023"
AWOL Vision Vanish Laser TV
"The thing about giant screens is that, by definition, they take up a ton of space, leaving either a large white or black rectangle on the wall. AWOL Vision's Vanish aims to solve this riddle, combining their LTV-3500 short-throw laser projector with a rolling screen."
The Vision Vanish Is the First Laser Projector With Its Own Disappearing Screen
"If you’re looking for the big screen movie theater experience at home—we’re talking 100+ inches—a projector is usually the most affordable way to go. But if money is no object and you’d rather skip the cumbersome setup, calibration, and screen mounting steps that usually come with a projector, AWOL’s Vision Vanish packs a short-throw projector, speakers, and a retractable self-standing screen into a single cabinet."
EBPMAN Tech Reviews
Turn Any Room Into a Home Theater NOW on AMAZON NEW 2022 AWOL LTV- 3500
"I think we found the best projector for 2022! This is the brightest and the best out of the box ultra short throw projector we have reviewed. Up to 150 inch Screen and FANTASTIC color profile with eARC for Dolby Atmos audio."
This UST projector is INCREDIBLE: AWOL LTV-3500 review
"UST or ultra-short throw projectors offer an interesting take as an alternative to large traditional TVs. While I’ve tried a few, the AWOL LTV-3500 is the first time I’ve actually thought this could replace a TV."
Tech Up Your Life
AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Review - The Best 4K Tri-laser Ultra-short
"The AWOL Vision LTV-3500 is an exceptional 4K UHD ultra-short throw projector. It features 3500 lumens of brightness and a 4K HDR image. With 30ms of input lag in game mode, it's a versatile projector for movies as well as gaming. Boasting high brightness and excellent color accuracy, it's a great laser TV that's equally comfortable in a dedicated dark home theatre or in your living room."
Nothing But Label
AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Open Box, Is the New King Of UST Laser Projector?
"The first impression of this big baby is it is really bright. I mean if you look at its built-in animation it’s almost going to hurt your eyes"
AWOL Vision 4K Tri-Chroma Laser Projector
"This is the AWOL Vision 4k UST laser projector, one of the best 4k projectors of 2022, enjoy cinematic experience at home, the AWOL vision has HDR support, 3D support, low input lag for gaming, Dolby Atmos."
That Home Theater Dude
AWOL Vision LTV-3500 150inch 4K Laser TV?!
"3500 lumens right out of the box looks incredible. You don’t necessarily need to calibrate it especially if you want to go something super big like this, I would just recommend just right out of the box performance, sling on the wall, get your screen, and your off to the races"
The Hook Up
Best Ultra Short Throw Projectors 2022 || AWOL LTV-3500, FORMOVIE Theater, XGIMI AURA
"The AWOL LTV-3500 was the clear winner over the Samsung Premiere 130 LSP9T with higher brightness, better effective black levels, HDR performance. The AWOL is an absolute light cannon, and its extremely uniform color made the AWOL the only projector in this group that I could justify watching HDR over SDR content and during the day in a non-light controlled room the AWOL feels more like a TV than a projector"
Next Tech
AWOL Vision LTV 3500 review - The brightest 4K Tri Chroma UST laser
"The brightest and the most impressive Tri-Chroma 4K ultra short throw laser projector that I got my hands on. The AWOL Vision LTV-3500 is very powerful 4K UST laser projector that uses three lasers to create image and it has no color wheel. With the brightness of 3500 lumens and amazing color accuracy out from the box this UST laser projector offers fantastic image quality even with room lights turned on."
Nothing But Label
AWOL Vision LTV-3500, Bright Smart Laser TV
Chroma features triple laser technology, ALPD® 4.0, Alexa voice control, MEMC, Harman Kardon..
all things tech
AWOL Vision LTV 3500 Triple Laser 4K UST Projector Full Review | You May Need Sunglasses
"I cannot believe how good of a picture you get when the windows is open , the blinds are open or the curtains are open, It is just the best that I’ve seen on any projector"
Shane Lee
"When I came back from watching Avatar in IMAX and compared it to the AWOL the minute I got home, the AWOL looked better."
Skvala Gaming
AWOL LTV-3500 Review-A Formidable $5,000 Tri Chroma UST Projector
"I’m really really impressed by the performance and image quality of the AWOL Vision LTV-3500. It offers unmatched brightness levels sharpness and rich"
Tech Steve
The Ultimate Brightest 4K HDR 150” UST Home Theater Tri Laser
"The colors are really bright. They’re vivid and detailed and it’s thanks to that 3500 nits that’s available, and when you switch over to a comparison, you can see that the HDR content really pops as well. And one thing I was surprised about is how inky the black levels are considering that this is a projector"
Tech Radar
Awol LTV-3500 projector review
"There’s a lot here to like – the projector puts out a staggering 3500 lumens of brightness, enough to make for a very visible picture even in a well-light room during the daytime. It’s capable of 4K resolution with a projection size of up to 120 inches, and can also be equipped with the company’s projection screens for an even sharper image. It’s also one of the few projectors that has impressive picture and color output right out of the box."
The Verge
AWOL LTV-3500 ultra-short-throw projector review: the bright stuff
"The LTV-3500’s star feature is its brightness. At 3,500 lumens, it’s extremely bright — so bright that the stark white boot-up sequence invokes an involuntary flinch to shield my eyes whenever I start it in a darkened room. And because the projector sits so close to the display surface, most of that light actually reaches the screen to create a highly viewable image even when moderate amounts of ambient light try to interfere."
Projector Central
AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Tri-Laser UST Projector Review
"Fortunately, with this projector, you do get a ton of light output, but also adjustments that let you attenuate the output to levels more suited for a dark space and smaller screens, if desired (I tend to always go for maximum brightness). The LTV-3500 is legitimately able to overcome a greater degree of ambient light versus much of its competition, and it achieves high brightness without significantly compromising other aspects of picture quality, namely color accuracy."
Trusted Reviews
AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Review
"It's impossible not to be impressed by the AWOL Vision LTV-3500. It gives a true TV experience an a huge screen. After using it for a few weeks, I got used to the 100-inch picture, and it made every other screen in my house seem small; it’s hard to go back to watching a regular TV after this."
The 2022 Esquire Gadget Awards: AWOL Vision: Best Laser TV
"The AWOL Laser TV is crisp, 4k, vibrant, and extremely light-proof. Style this with a retractable screen in front of a gallery wall and you have the perfect transformable TV room. Or maybe you want a massive 120-inch TV without the weight and room required for it. Again an AWOL laser TV is exactly what you need."
The Hollywood Reporter
The Best Luxury Gifts for Everyone On Your Holiday List
"AWOL Vision’s 4K Ultra HD short-throw laser projector is the ultimate gift. Offering an image size of up to 12.5 feet, the HDR triple color laser projector delivers stunning and vibrant 4K picture quality no matter where you’re sitting (even outside), Dolby Atmos and 3D"
AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Pro, análisis: un proyector muy brillante que busca sustituir al televisor
" Aún así, el LTV-3500 Pro en ningún momento produce una imagen turbia o apagada. Creo que este «sacrificio» de los negros se hace para conseguir que el proyector trabaje mejor con luz ambiental. El problema es que a la hora de ver contenido a oscuras afecta a la profundidad de las sombras y los negros. A la hora de reproducir contenido HDR tenemos más o menos las mismas ventajas e inconvenientes. Tenemos mucho brillo, algo muy importante para reproducir imágenes HDR, pero al ser un proyector DLP con un contraste nativo limitado, esto se traduce nuevamente en niveles de negro elevados. Pero lo interesante de este modelo de AWOL Vision es que, a pesar de ello, la imagen se ve genial. El LTV-3500 Pro es capaz de conseguir una imagen clara y con mucho detalle aunque el negro esté levantado. Si a esto le unimos colores intensos y vibrantes, tenemos una calidad de imagen muy alta."