AWOL Vision: The Most Advanced Pure RGB Laser Engine

AWOL Vision: The Most Advanced Pure RGB Laser Engine

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In the dynamic field of home entertainment, the AWOL Vision Laser TV represents a pinnacle of innovation, reshaping the viewing experience with its cutting-edge use of the latest pure RGB technology. With the goal of enhancing visual brilliance, AWOL Vision has redefined the boundaries of home entertainment, offering consumers unmatched brightness, color precision and durability.

Let us take a comprehensive look at the evolution of Laser TV technology, learn more about the unique benefits of AWOL Vision's pure RGB technology and explore the future prospects and innovations that lie ahead.


The Evolution of Laser Projectors Technology

The development of Laser projectors dates back to the early 2000s, when manufacturers began to explore alternatives to traditional high-pressure lamp-based projection. The emergence of laser diodes as a viable light source sparked a revolution in the projection industry, offering benefits such as higher brightness, better color accuracy and longer life compared to traditional lamp-based systems.

In addition, laser technology is particularly environmentally friendly as no mercury is used and there is no projector lamp that need to be recycled every 1-2 years.

With the development of laser TV technology, consumer expectations also increased. Viewers wanted an immersive viewing experience comparable to a movie theater, with vivid colors, sharp details and seamless integration into modern living spaces. Manufacturers responded by refining Laser diode technology and integrating advanced features such as High Dynamic Range (HDR), Wide Color Gamut (WCG) and intelligent image processing algorithms.


AWOL Advanced Pure RGB Technology

At the forefront of this technological development is AWOL Vision, a pioneer in Laser TV innovation. AWOL Vision is characterized by the use of the latest generation pure RGB technology, which uses separate red, green and blue laser sources to achieve a wider color spectrum and more accurate color reproduction. Unlike projectors that rely on a single blue laser with color filters or phosphor wheels, AWOL Vision's pure RGB technology emits direct spectral colors, ensuring that every hue is accurately and faithfully reproduced without any moving part (Rainbow effect free).

The advantages of AWOL pure RGB technology are manifold. By eliminating color conversion and color/phosphor wheels, the AWOL Vision Laser TV delivers high brightness, a balanced white temperature and true-to-life, original colors. Whether watching movies, playing games or enjoy multimedia content viewers are immersed in a visual experience that captivates the senses and puts them in the middle of the action like never before.


Exceptional Brightness and Contrast

In addition to vivid colors, AWOL Vision Laser TVs offer exceptional brightness and contrast levels thanks to their pure RGB laser engine and clever Laser dimming algorithms such as the latest Enhance Black Level feature. Thanks to high brightness and precise light modulation, AWOL Vision Laser TVs illuminate the screen with breathtaking clarity, even in bright environments with huge screens of up to 150’.

Deep blacks and bright whites contribute to an improved contrast ratio and ensure that details are retained in both dark and bright scenes, improving overall picture quality.

The combination of pure RGB technology and advanced image processing algorithms creates an immersive viewing experience that rivals that of a movie theater. From the subtle nuances of shadow detail to the brilliance of highlights, every aspect of the image is reproduced with precision and accuracy, bringing content to life in a way previously thought impossible.

The three laser modules with different wavelengths (red-blue-green) offer the possibility of detailed and high-precision micro-adjustment of their output. Through the remarkable algorithm (Enhanced Black Level) developed by AWOL engineers, direct frame-by-frame control of Laser power output is achieved, resulting in stunning dark scenes and ultra-wide dynamic range.


Unbeatable Color Performance

AWOL's pure RGB Laser engine has raised the bar for color performance across the entire display industry. With true 107% coverage of the BT.2020 standard and consistent color performance over time, watching HDR10+ and Dolby Vision content takes on a new meaning as the colors are exactly how the movie director intended us to see them.

The projector's Color Management System (CMS) also works flawlessly and completely linearly, as it can adjust the three primary colors independently on the three different Laser diodes. This means that we can adjust the color palette of our AWOL projector according to our taste, the projection conditions or the content we are witching within minutes.

Without special filters and color wheels, the AWOL RGB Laser engine can also faithfully reproduce all intermediate color tones, resulting in a completely natural and balanced image - a characteristic feature of the entire LTV-3XXX series.


Durability and Reliability

AWOL Vision's commitment to quality also extends to the longevity and reliability of its Laser TVs. The pure RGB technology ensures consistent performance over a long period of time and a lifespan of more than twenty-five thousand hours. Unlike lamp-based single Laser or hybrid laser/LED systems where colors fade or brightness diminishes over time, AWOL Vision's laser TVs maintain their performance characteristics throughout their lifetime, ensuring years of reliable operation with minimal maintenance.

The inherent stability of the laser diodes, combined with the most efficient cooling system on the market, further increases the reliability of AWOL Vision Laser TVs. Whether it's for casual viewing or demanding professional applications, users can rely on AWOL Vision Laser TVs to deliver consistent performance day in and day out without worrying about downtime or brightness/color shift.

With the AWOL advanced pure RGB Laser engine, maximum brightness performance is achieved at very low operating temperatures (Which also means minimal operating noise), ensuring maximum hardware lifespan, especially for the DLP engine and the DMD chip itself.


Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

AWOL Vision's pure RGB technology not only boosts performance, but also promotes energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. By emitting direct spectral colors, AWOL Vision Laser TVs consume less power and generate less heat while delivering superior performance and reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption. This eco-friendly approach is in line with AWOL Vision's commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices, making the LTV series a greener choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

The energy efficiency of AWOL Vision Laser TVs goes beyond power consumption. By lasting longer and requiring no maintenance, AWOL Vision Laser TVs contribute to a lower total cost of ownership and a reduced environmental impact over their lifetime.


Future Prospects and Innovations

The future of Laser TV technology looks bright as AWOL Vision continues to innovate. With continuous research and development, AWOL Vision aims to further improve this pure RGB Laser technology to secure its leading position in home entertainment.

To summarize, AWOL Vision Laser TV with its advanced pure RGB technology is at the forefront of innovation in home entertainment. With vibrant colors, exceptional brightness and eco-friendly operation, AWOL Vision redefines the viewing experience, surpassing even the original cinema quality. As the industry evolves, AWOL Vision remains at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and setting new standards across the immersive home entertainment industry.

At AWOL Vision, we have dreamed of turning our passion into groundbreaking technology that sets new standards with the sole aim of giving you all, the ultimate viewing experience - and we have done it.

AWOL Vision

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