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I recently got our basement finished and I wanted to set up a projector and a screen. Due to my low ceiling, I was limited to an ultra-short throw projector. After researching for a while, I found, AWOL LTV-2500 4K. I installed the projector on the ceiling with a 120" screen. The picture quality is amazing. My kids and I enjoy watching a movie every Friday.

Ashutosh Khanna

Hello… I do not usually write reviews. However as a proud owner of the AWOL 3500 projector and 120-inch cinematic screen, I feel I should. I was an early adapter…purchasing it through Indiegogo. Because it was quite expensive, I was a little worried about a company I never heard of. I then took the plunge, and I am glad I did. I do not have a dedicated theatre room so I needed a lot of light to take the place of my Sony 75 led. Wonderful picture even in a fairly lit room.Great focus, great color, great contrast…right out of the box. I had one small question…they answered it right away. I did all the setup except installing the screen. I highly recommend this projector. Soon, they will have Dolby Vision and 3d…all downloaded to the projector. Can’t wait. Including all components, receiver, DVD player, speakers, projector, screen, etc….all in less than 5500 dollars. I am not an expert however I think this was an incredible purchase.

Dee S

I have an AWOL LTV-3500 with a floor-rising motorized screen set up in our media room and this is a real game changer. Our family uses it for gaming, movie, and sports watching and we are 100% satisfied! AWOL vision UST projector outputs a very crisp, vivid, great-quality video and works very well with ambient lights on. Its picture quality is close to our LG OLED TV. If anybody is looking for a TV larger than 100", this will be a good option in many ways. It has built-in speakers and its sound quality is pretty good too. A combination of AWOL UST and floor rise-up motorized screen make it portable so that I can bring them out to my backyard for outdoor watching too. We really enjoy this projector. Thank you, AWOL!

H. Kan

After having a movie room with HD ceiling-mounted projector for 10 years in NJ I decided to switch to a throw projector for our home theater room in FL. This product is amazing. Crystal clear picture. Crystal clear. Vibrant colors. Top Gun Maverick is going to be unreal on this setup. We added a Sonos sound bar, ceiling-mounted speakers, and a Sonos subwoofer, and BAM this room comes alive. Whether it’s a movie like Top Gun Maverick, NHL Playoff games or even playing Xbox. It’s simply incredible. Amazing TV technology for the money. A value proposition is off the charts. Thank you, AWOL! 👊🏼💪🏼🙏🏼

Alan D

I was reluctant to move from lamp-based projection TV to UST but I am glad I did. Much brighter and sharper than my previous projector. Always before you had to contend with replacing the lamp every few months at $200 a pop. With 20,000 hours + for the laser you never have to think about lamp life again.

Senior Approved

For starters let me say the AWOL LTV-2500 UST is the real deal. I'm a serious techie and very particular about my media entertainment, and the hype of this Ultra Short Throw speaks wonders when you turn it on the first time. I had put it to the test. 4K, 1080p, Gaming, and 3D, all resolutions are immeasurable in quality. The colors are outrageous. The Fire Stick is a great bundle idea, definitely better than the built-in android on other projectors, and hidden away. The secret is choosing the best screen and gaining to bring out its true beast. I chose a gray 2.5 gain after my final determination from the math, and through all my prior research, which allows it to be watched easily during the day, just like a TV. The only slight difficulty is the time it takes to get it crisp and sharp while flushing it to the corners of the screen. So here's the homework done for you, just as great as the LTV-3500 in my opinion. Watch "Mulan" in 4K, it will speak for itself. AWOL is not popular as other brands, but it stands up better than the best brands out there. Those who know will back me up on this.


I am a movie lover and I am always looking for a private home theater with a very large screen. I don’t like the traditional projector because it requires a lot of installation. Ultra Short Throw projector can project large screens in such a short distance without installation meets my requirements. AWOL Vision 3500 draws my attention as it is a triple laser, 3500-lumen brightness, 150’’ projection, HDR10+, and 3D. After searching around, I decided to try it out. I was surprised that how sharp, colorful, and bright the 3500 can make. The color is so vivid which makes me feel my Samsung TV is the black and white version. I can see every detail when I watch a 4K HDR movie on a 120’’ screen. Every time I turned it on, I just don’t want to leave. My wife usually doesn’t show any interest in those techy items. But this time, she said she wanted to keep it and asked me do not to return it. Even further, she asked me to get a 150’screen! As it is so bright, I don’t have to turn off the light and I can watch during the daytime. It is like a real TV. Now I can enjoy watching the sports game with such a large screen and with the light on. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed watching shows and movies on my LTV-3500 and am super excited to see what other products or updates they come out with! I highly recommend it!

Xiao Xi Qinqin

In our theater room we had a 75-inch Sony TV, and it was very good, but we needed something bigger, so after several months of studying the new Laser technology projectors I decided to go with the LTV-3500 from AWOL, and it was the best decision we made. Now we have a 100-inch screen, and it looks amazing. The LTV-3500 colors are so good. I could have gone with the LTV-2500 model because the room is completely dark, but I told myself let's just go with the best, so that is the reason we went with the 3500 model.

Charlie Reyes

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