RGB vs. Single Laser UST Projector

RGB vs. Single Laser UST Projector

Ultra-short throw laser projectors are revolutionizing the way we think about and interact with visual media. From transforming living rooms into personal home theaters to the conversion of office spaces into dynamic presentation environments, UST projectors are a cornerstone of modern visual technology. Among the advances driving this revolution is the pure RGB laser technology. This article looks at the benefits of this innovative technology compared to single laser technology.

Understanding Ultra Short Throw laser Projectors

Ultra-short throw projectors can project large images from a very short distance, making them suitable for both small and large rooms. Unlike conventional projectors, which require a distance of several meters to project a large screen, UST projectors can do this from a distance of just a few centimeters. This capability not only saves space, but also reduces interruptions from shadows and light obstructions, significantly improving the viewing experience.

What is pure RGB laser technology?

Pure RGB laser technology uses as a light source three separate laser diodes that emit light in the colors red, green and blue. These primary colors correspond to specific wavelengths, typically around 640 nm for red, 530 nm for green and 445 nm for blue. This precise control of wavelength enables the direct and accurate generation of a broad spectrum of colors, in contrast to single blue laser systems that use a phosphor wheel to generate green and red light from a just single blue laser diode.

Comparison with single (blue) laser systems

Color accuracy: Single blue laser systems rely on a phosphor wheel to convert blue laser light into green and red, which can lead to variations in color output and accuracy. On the other hand, pure RGB laser systems provide precise control over each primary color, resulting in superior color accuracy and stability over time. By precisely controlling the output of each color laser, RGB laser projectors can also seamlessly produce true white at 6500K, which is essential for the neutrality of the whole projected greyscale. Also, the ability to reproduce easily the full BT.2020 color space provides a visually richer and more pleasurable viewing experience for HDR content.

Efficiency and heat generation: Phosphor wheels in single blue laser systems often degrade under the laser's intense heat, decreasing efficiency and increasing heat production. RGB laser systems, which do not require such conversion elements, generally run cooler and more efficiently, extending the life of the projector. This longevity also contributes to a lower total cost of ownership, making pure RGB laser projectors a worthwhile investment for frequent users and the best TV replacement solution.

Image brightness and quality: The direct emission of RGB lasers ensures that maximum brightness is maintained without the losses associated with phosphor conversion. This not only results in brighter images and higher lumen output but also in a more uniform quality of the projected image.

Less operating noise: The pure RGB laser engine uses no moving parts such as color or phosphor wheels, so it operates completely silently. This is very important especially for home theater installations, as no one wants to be distracted while watching a movie.

Improved image contrast: The precise control of the output intensity of each laser diode in an RGB laser optical engine allows advanced algorithms to control and adjust these diodes extremely quickly per frame of the projected video, increasing or decreasing the intensity as needed. As a result, we have better dark scenes, deeper blacks, and higher contrast with this so-called clever laser dimming method.


The pure RGB laser technology in UST projectors offers a combination of benefits that is hard to beat. From superior image quality and color accuracy to improved efficiency and longevity, these pure RGB UST laser projectors represent the future of projection technology. Whether you are upgrading a home theater, enhancing a corporate boardroom or equipping an educational facility, a UST projector with pure RGB laser technology is an investment in image quality and performance.

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