UST Laser Projectors: The Future of Home Gaming Entertainment

UST Laser Projectors: The Future of Home Gaming Entertainment

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The gaming industry has grown rapidly in the last few years, transforming gaming into a lifestyle for countless enthusiasts and gamers worldwide. The journey from classic gaming consoles like Atari or Super Nintendo to today’s high-definition platforms like PS5 and XBOX Series X illustrates a significant leap from simple 360p resolution to stunning 4K HDR image.

This evolution is not just about more pixels, but also about how vivid and immersive the graphical experience has become. From a palette of just 16 colors to realistic 3D environments with billions of color shades stretching the imagination, the advances are phenomenal.

However, to truly enjoy the high-resolution graphics of modern gaming consoles and PCs, a first-class display is required. This need has led to remarkable innovations in display technology, from simple TFT monitors to state-of-the-art OLED TVs.

But the search for the perfect gaming setup doesn't end there.

Ultra Short Throw (UST) laser projectors have revolutionized home entertainment, offering a cinematic gaming experience right in your living room.

Imagine playing Forza Horizon on a giant screen where the car is almost the size of a real vehicle and the world around it is reproduced in true-lifelike detail. Or transport yourself to the dystopian survival drama of Last of Us Part II, where the terrifying story of Ellie and Abby unfolds in your living room, with colors and details so vivid you feel like you're part of the game.

Why choose a UST laser projector for gaming?

Because we can quickly and easily create a flexible 50 to 150-inch image on any surface in our home by placing the projector just a few inches away from it. Even if your room is small and a conventional projector cannot be placed at a sufficient distance to create a large image, with a UST laser projector we can overcome this hurdle and enjoy images of up to 150 inches.

Because we can also enjoy gaming with the lights on or even in daylight without compromising image quality, unlike conventional projectors that we can only use in dark environments.

Because the color reproduction of a good RGB laser UST projector transforms the entire gaming experience into a unique pleasure where our eyes enjoy every frame of what we see and ask for more.

Because the huge size of the image combined with the high 4K resolution creates a realistic environment that simulates reality like no other display device to date.

Because the reflective image that a UST laser projector provides is the closest thing to the real images we see in our environment and is much more relaxing and natural than what we would see on a self-illuminating display device such as a monitor or TV.

Why choose an AWOL UST RGB laser projector for gaming?

Because it is the only one that truly delivers 107% of the BT.2020 color standard. In practice, we see almost the entire range of colors that the human eye can perceive in nature, in the real environment.

Because it is the only one with a real input delay of up to 8 ms, which makes it possible to enjoy action games where every millisecond of controller response plays an important role in our overall gaming experience.

Because the pure AWOL RGB laser engine ensures an image without rainbow effects, as there are no moving parts that could cause such phenomena.

Because the brightness generated by the AWOL models even exceeds the official standards for HDR displays, offering us a bright and vivid image comparable or even better than our TVs.

Because thanks to Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ certification, we can enjoy all the latest blockbuster titles in unparalleled quality, with a huge dynamic range, amazing detail in the dark areas and dazzling highlights.

Because it's the quietest UST laser projector on the market, ensuring nothing distracts us when we are recovering from a hard day's work and enjoying gaming in our living room.

Because it has an excellent integrated Dolby Atmos soundbar which helps us to have picture and sound in one device, saving us the hassle and stress of pulling cables or dealing with two different devices.

Because the AWOL Pure RGB laser engine has a lifespan of 30,000 operating hours, something that frees us from stress, and we can enjoy gaming for many many years without having to worry about the daily operating hours.

The revolution in gaming with UST Laser TV Projectors

The ability to escape into a fantastical world with stunning graphics like searching in the jungle of Horizon Forbidden or enjoying the colorful, childlike world of Mario and Luigi is a form of escape from reality and a form of home entertainment unlike any other.

Being able to enjoy this gaming experience on a huge, ultra-bright, high-resolution picture with realistic and natural colors on any surface in our home at any time of the day, is a dream that has finally come true for gamers.

AWOL Vision gaming projector

An AWOL LTV series UST RGB laser projector takes the whole gaming experience to a level we couldn't even imagine a few years ago.

Gamers, welcome to the future that AWOL Vision created for you.

AWOL Vision

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