Create your Dream Home Theater with a Laser TV Projector

Create your Dream Home Theater with a Laser TV Projector

Our home is not only our personal sanctuary but also a place where we can relax, de-stress and enjoy time with our family. An increasingly popular method of home entertainment is the installation and use of a home theater.

A home theater can be named any room that is equipped with the right video and sound systems. This allows us to enjoy our favorite movies, play video games, watch sports or simply enjoy our videos we recorded on vacation with our family.

At AWOL Vision, we have developed a range of products to help you create the home theater of your dreams.


AWOL Vision Pure RGB Laser TV Projectors

With the AWOL Vision LTV series, you can create your own personal home theater even in the smallest of spaces. You can create a large image of 80 to 150 inches from a distance of just a few centimeters from the projection surface. This means you no longer have to worry about the size of the room, complicated installation and shadow problems when someone gets close to the screen - problems that usually occur with conventional projectors.

This short distance between the AWOL Vision laser projector and the projection surface ensures minimal light loss compared to conventional projectors. This feature combined with the high brightness of AWOL Vision's LTV series guarantees a bright and clear image even under unfavorable conditions, e.g. on a sunny day with open windows.

The AWOL Vision LTV series offers:

A unique tri-chroma laser engine with no moving parts such as a color wheel, capable of reproducing 107% of the BT.2020 color standard. This means color performance in 4K HDR10+/Dolby Vision content that you may never have experienced before.

A resolution of 3840x2160 and a refresh rate of 60 Hz with the ability to display all HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG.

Completely silent operation, crucial for a home theater where nothing should distract you. The LTV series is perhaps the quietest UST projector on the market.

Low input lag, true cinematic 24Hz projection, full 3D support and MEMC feature that dramatically improve image quality on fast-moving content (such as sports, action movies, e.t.c).

Built-in Dolby Atmos sound with 36W of power, so you can enjoy high-quality sound without the need for an additional sound system.


AWOL Vision Daylight Fresnel ALR screen (fixed frame)

A nanotechnology fixed frame screen with PET Fresnel fabric that reject up to 85% of ambient light and has a positive reflectance of 1.1 gain. This ensures that the projector suffers no loss of brightness while drastically reducing ambient light reflections from all directions, ensuring high contrast and color accuracy even in daylight.

The ultimate solution for those who use their personal home theater as a TV during the day or with lights on.

It has a viewing angle of 70 degrees and is available in 100 and 120 inch sizes.


AWOL Vision Cinematic ALR screen (fixed frame)

With the latest AWOL Vision HBSP technology and a reflection gain of 0.6, hotspots caused by the narrow light cone of a UST projector are virtually eliminated while the screen rejects up to 95% of the ambient light coming from the ceiling improving the overall image quality by 80%.

Compared to the AWOL Vision Daylight ALR screen, the Cinematic ALR screen offers a much wider viewing angle (170 degrees) but reduces the brightness of the projector by around 40%. In addition, the contrast enhancement of the Cinematic ALR screen is slightly higher than that of the Daylight screen.

The AWOL Vision Cinematic ALR screen is available in 100, 120, 132 and 150 inch sizes.


AWOL Vision Cinematic+ ALR Motorized Floor Rising Acoustic Screen

This screen features the latest technology on UST ALR screen market. It is made with the technologically advanced HBSI TPU fabric and offers dramatic improvements in on/off and ANSI contrast.

It is an electrically rising projection screen from the floor, offering the effect of disappearing when not in use. It offers up to 95% ceiling light rejection and a viewing angle of up to 170 degrees. The black bottom edge with 0.4 mm holes perforation is acoustically transparent so that speakers can be placed behind the screen.


AWOL Vision Station

An elegant way to integrate an AWOL Vision laser TV projector into your room.

The ultimate solution for those who do not want bulky furniture but an elegant solution for their AWOL Vision Laser TV and Cinematic+ floor-rising screen. It is available in two sizes for 100" and 120" screens.


AWOL Vision Smart cabinet

A high-quality, smart cabinet with an automatic, electric mechanism that conceals your projector when not in use.

The ideal solution for installations with AWOL Vision fixed frame screens.


AWOL Vision Vanish Laser TV

The ultimate furniture for future laser TV installations, available in two sizes for 100- and 120-inch AWOL Vision Cinematic+ ALR fixed screens.

It features an electrically adjustable mechanism that conceals the projector when is not in use and extends it when in operation. The Cinematic+ ALR floor screen is integrated into the special compartment and opens automatically when the projector is switched on.

The perfect solution for anyone looking for a discreet and best-quality laser TV installation in their theater room.


Create your Dream Home Theater with AWOL Vision

Creating the ultimate home theater experience is now more accessible and enjoyable than ever with AWOL Vision’s smart and innovative products. Whether you are looking to transform a small room or create a grand cinematic dedicated space, AWOL Vision provides all the tools and solutions to meet your needs.

From RGB Laser TV projectors to innovative latest technology ALR screens and smart UST cabinets, every AWOL Vision product is designed to enhance your viewing experience and integrate seamlessly into your home.

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