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Gaming Projectors for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Dive into Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree like never before with the best gaming projectors, offering incredible graphics and immersive gameplay on big, vibrant screens.
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Elden Ring fans, behold! FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have announced the official release of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree on June 21st. The much-anticipated DLC will entice the gaming community with its exceptional gameplay, new bosses, and much more while honoring the true spirit of the Elden Ring. With the announcement nearing the corner, fans can set up their PS5 and Xbox as the game will soon hit the consoles this month.

What is Shadow of the Erdtree?

After winning multiple game awards, the Elden Ring is getting a new installment, a much better and even more dynamic one than its predecessor, the Shadow of the Erdtree. This game takes players beyond the Lands Between to the Land of Shadow, where they get to fight new and even more lethal bosses, traverse the world, and interact with new characters. Shadow of the Erdtree features new weapons, skills, equipment, and magic not found in its base game, Elden Ring. The plot is also expanded which offers the players access to a new world, bosses, and plotlines.

Elden Ring has been a fan favorite since its launch in 2022. Thanks to its stunning movie-level image quality, the game has managed to sell over 12 million copies worldwide. The photorealism and the attention to detail in this game is insane. Coupled with the gaming projector, the Elden Ring takes first place in having extraordinary graphics and surreal visual quality.

Choosing the Right Projector

If you are an avid gamer then you must have a gaming projector as it offers more impressive graphics, stunning display, impressive sound quality and smoothness than the traditional projectors. Here’s how. Gaming projectors are designed to offer an immersive gaming experience where you can view each graphical detail and indulge in full-fledged gaming thanks to their bombastic sound quality. 

Having higher resolution formats and brightness, gaming projectors are well-suited for all sorts of gaming rooms. These projectors also have a bigger screen size allowing you to play games on a big screen. Whether you are playing the Elden Ring or its upcoming DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, a gaming projector is all you need to enjoy the game in its full entirety. 

If you are looking for the best gaming projector then consider the 4K 3D Triple Laser Projector LTV-3500 Pro. It features an impressive brightness level of up to 3500 lumens optimal for screens as big as 150”.

AWOL 4K 3D Triple Laser Projector LTV-3500 Pro is the only RGB UST projector in the market featuring Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, Dolby Atmos, and Active 3D. With its triple-laser RGB technology, you can enjoy vibrant and dynamic graphics on a wide screen. Not only that, but the AWOL gaming projector offers minimal input lag of only 8ms at 4K 60hz and 15ms at 1080p making it an ideal projector for smooth and lag-free gaming.

If you want to make the most out of your gaming experience, consider the AWOL 100''-150'' Cinematic ALR Screen compatible with short-throw gaming projectors. The most interesting feature of this ALR screen is that it achieves an improvement of up to 80% in image quality and offers contrast levels that are up to 100 times better than the traditional white screens. Imagine the popping and vibrant colors of the games you will play on this ALR screen. Moreover, this ALR screen features up to 95% ceiling ambient light-rejecting technology that eliminates the washout effect from overhead light sources, making the graphics crisp and sharp.

Furthermore, the AWOL 100''-150'' Cinematic ALR Screen features an ultra-wide 170” viewing angle, making you enjoy your favorite games on a much wider angle without compromising image quality. So, if you want to make a bang for the buck, choose AWOL gaming projectors and ALR screens.


Shadow of the Erdtree will surely impress the Elden Ring fans as it promises exceptional graphics, a full-immersive gaming experience and an improved storyline for interactive gaming. With challenging bosses and characters, the Shadow of the Erdtree seems to topple the charts like its predecessor. Considering this, having a high-quality gaming projector like the AWOL 4K 3D Triple Laser Projector LTV-3500 Pro is a must as it will enhance your gaming experience and make you immersed in the world of the Shadow of the Erdtree, thanks to its high brightness level, impressive sound quality, big screen support and RGB technology.

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