AWOL Vision Laser TV Projector – The Ideal Solution for Exhibitors

AWOL Vision Laser TV Projector – The Ideal Solution for Exhibitors

The performance of UST laser TV projectors at exhibitions
Creating an original esthetic

Exhibitors are constantly looking for ways to make their stands stand out. Conventional displays such as LED screens and monitors often fail to capture the audience's attention because they're too ordinary. This is where UST laser TV projectors like the AWOL Vision come into play. With their ability to project large up to 150 inch, ultra-high-definition images from just a few centimeters away from the projection surface, these projectors offer an impressive and unique viewing experience.

The reflective image is so natural that viewers think they're looking through a window into the outside world rather than at a display device. A Laser TV projector such as the AWOL Vision can be installed quickly and easily and project onto any surface from just a few centimeters away, making it extremely adaptable as a display solution.

High quality projection

One of the outstanding features of the AWOL Vision laser TV projector is its 4K resolution. Equipped with a Ricoh lens manufactured in Japan, the projector delivers incredible clarity and detail that will make any presentation, advertisement or video look stunning. The precision of the Ricoh lens combined with the powerful RGB laser optical engine ensures that images are sharp and lifelike, providing an experience comparable to looking outside through a window.

For exhibitors, this means that their content is presented in the best possible quality and leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

Low input lag for interactive presentations

Exhibitions often include interactive elements where exhibitors engage directly with visitors through demonstrations and live presentations. The AWOL Vision Laser TV projector excels in this area with its impressive input lag times – 8 ms at 1080p and 15 ms at 4K resolution. This minimal lag ensures that every interaction, whether navigating through a presentation or operating a connected device, is smooth and responsive. For exhibitors, this feature is crucial as it enhances the overall experience for the audience and makes interactions seamless and engaging.

Ultra Short Throw advantage

The ease of setup of the AWOL Vision Laser TV projector is a key benefit, especially in the fast-paced environment of exhibitions. Thanks to UST technology, the projector can be placed just a few centimeters away from the projection surface, drastically reducing the space required for installation. This makes it ideal for the often cramped and variable layouts of exhibition stands. The simple set-up means that exhibitors can get their displays up and running quickly and easily, saving valuable time and effort.

Suppression of ambient light

Exhibition halls are notorious for their difficult lighting conditions, which can severely affect the visibility of projected images. The special AWOL UST CLR screen, which can be used with the AWOL Vision Laser TV projector, has been developed to solve this problem. As the screen retains up to 93% of the ambient light, the projected image remains bright and clear even in difficult lighting conditions. This feature is particularly beneficial for exhibitors who need to maintain a clear and impressive image regardless of the environment.

Versatile use

The AWOL Vision Laser TV projector shines at trade fairs, but its applications go far beyond these events. Professionals can use this projector in a variety of environments, from corporate presentations to outdoor demonstrations. Its high brightness and pure RGB laser light source with no moving parts, color wheels or phosphor wheels ensure reliable and consistent performance in different environments. Whether you're showing a commercial in a corporate lobby or hosting an outdoor presentation evening, the AWOL Vision Laser TV Projector will prove to be a versatile and valuable investment.

Built-in audio system

Another notable feature of the AWOL Vision Laser TV projector is its built-in 36W audio system with four Dolby Atmos/DTS - capable drivers. This robust audio system eliminates the need for an external sound system, simplifying setup and reducing clutter. The high sound quality ensures that presentations, videos and live demonstrations are accompanied by clear and immersive sound, further enhancing the overall experience for the audience.


The value of investing in an AWOL Vision laser TV Projector
Long-term benefits

Investing in the AWOL Vision Laser TV projector offers long-term benefits for professionals and businesses. The projector's advanced technology and high-quality components ensure durability and longevity, offering outstanding value. The 4K resolution and excellent image quality contribute to effective and engaging presentations that can enhance a company's image and reputation. The projector's easy setup and versatility also means it can be used in a variety of events and applications, maximizing return on investment.

Improved audience experience

Ultimately, the AWOL Vision Laser TV projector enhances the audience experience, making it a worthwhile investment for exhibitors and event organizers. The combination of stunning projected image, low input lag, ambient light suppression and powerful integrated audio creates a comprehensive solution that addresses all aspects of an engaging presentation. By investing in RGB Laser TV technology, professionals can ensure that their content stands out, engages the audience and leaves a lasting impression.



In the highly competitive landscape of exhibitions and trade fairs, it's important to stand out from the crowd. The AWOL Vision Laser TV projector is a powerful tool for exhibitors to create an original and impressive presentation. With its exceptional 4K resolution, high brightness, easy installation and ability to block out ambient light when combined with the AWOL CLR screens, the AWOL Vision Laser TV projector offers a unique esthetic that captures and captivates the attention of the audience. Its versatility and high-quality performance make it a valuable asset for various professional applications beyond exhibitions.

Investing in the AWOL Vision laser TV projector will transform your presentations into captivating and unforgettable experiences that will deeply move your audience and leave a lasting impression.

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