Cinematic 100" to 150" ALR screen designed for exclusive use with UST projectors, capturing a breathtaking beach sunset scene.
Stunning display of a 100 inch ultra short throw projector screen showcasing a cinematic sunset scene, perfect for UST projectors
120 inch Cinematic ALR screen capturing a breathtaking beach sunset, designed exclusively for use with UST projectors
132" ALR screen optimized for ultra short throw projectors, featuring a serene sunset over the ocean.
Cinematic ALR screen showcasing vibrant northern lights, designed for use with UST projectors.
Cinematic ALR screen on display in living room, along with the UST projector.
Cinematic ALR Screen with 95% ceiling light rejection for ultra short throw projector.
Cinematic ALR Screen showing 95% ceiling ambient light rejection, compared to matte white screen
Cinematic ALR Screen  offers an ultra-wide 170° viewing angle screen to show soccer game
Comparison between AWOL Vision Cinematic ALR Screen and a matte white screen, highlighting the benefits of ALR screens.
Cinematic ALR Screen  showing a football game, enhancing the laser TV experience with 4K/8K HDR and Active 3D.
Ultra thin design for Cinematic ALR Screen  showcasing a giant 120-inch screen.
Installation guide for Cinematic ALR Screen  showing step-by-step assembly.
Bigger screen experience with Cinematic ALR Screen  from 100 to 150 inches.
150-inch rollable Cinematic ALR Screen with 4K, 8K, HDR, and active 3D.
Cinematic ALR Screen with 95% ceiling light rejection, available in 120-inch and 100-inch.
Comparison between AWOL Vision HBSP material and typical matte white material for ultra short throw projectors.
AWOL Vision Cinematic ALR Screen with 100-inch diagonal dimensions.
Comparison of AWOL Vision UST ALR screen with matte white screen and white wall.

100''-150'' Cinematic ALR Screen

Sale price$2,299.00

Size:120" Cinematic Screen
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Free Return within 30 days
24 Month Hassle-Free Warranty
30 Days Price Match Guarantee
Lifetime Customer Support
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Maximizes Your Laser
TV Experience


Overcoming Ceiling Light
with Ease

Our Ceiling-Light Rejecting material absorbs 95% of
overhead lighting. A micro-cirriform optical structure
on the surface filters out ceiling light for superior
picture quality.

80% Image Quality

AWOL Vision's cinematic ALR screen uses
the latest optimized lenticular material
(HBSP) based on CBSP material for higher
contrast, achieving an extra 20% gain increase
than the regular CBSP ALR screens on
the market.

0.6 dB Peak Gain

Unlike a typical matte white screen, which
scatters light in all directions, the AWOL
Vision ALR screen features a 0.6 dB peak gain.
This makes it perfect for Ultra Short Throw
(UST) projection, eliminating hot spots and
effectively countering ambient light.

Immersive Viewing at 170°

With a 170° ultra-wide viewing angle, you can enjoy
bright, vivid, and clear images of your favorite movies,
football games or TV shows no matter where you are
in the room.
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The ultra short throw ALR projector screen is ONLY compatible with ultra short throw laser projectors, not compatible with long throw projectors.

Maximizes Your Laser TV Experience

AWOL Vision UST projector screen achieves 80% Image quality improvement, provides contrast levels that are up to 100 times greater than standard matte white screens for premium color fidelity.

95% Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting

The cirriform optical surface lens microstructure negates the washout effect of ambient light especially from overhead sources up to 95%, brings vivid colors and crisp images to you.

Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle

Up to 170°viewing angle allows you to spread out while maintaining uniform picture quality, no matter where you are in the room.

America-Based Service

Based in Delray Beach Florida, AWOL Vision opens up the 1st UST Projector Specialty Store in the US for a live experience. In addition, we provide 1 year warranty and Us based on 24/7 customer service and local maintenance. Phone and Live chat assistants are available .


1. What is the Cinematic ALR Screen?

AWOL Vision’s Cinematic Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screen features Ceiling Light Rejecting material. This incredible innovation absorbs a whopping 95% of overhead lighting. The surface is crafted with a micro-cirriform optical structure that filters out ceiling light, giving you picture-perfect quality. It’s perfect for cozy nights in or living rooms without intense lighting.

2. How to choose between Cinematic and Daylight?

Cinematic Screen:

Great for rejecting overhead lights (e.g., ceiling lamps or spotlights).

Best in dimly lit environments without strong side lighting during the day. ( e.g., living rooms or bedrooms)

Daylight Screen:

Blocks both side and overhead light.

Ideal for use throughout the day and night.

3. Is the ALR Screen a Must-Have for UST Projection?

While projecting directly onto a white wall is possible, it's important to note that most walls aren't perfectly flat. This can result in wavy patterns that might impact your viewing experience. When paired with a high-quality UST projector, an ALR screen effectively absorbs ambient light thanks to its specialized material, minimizing the washout effect caused by surrounding light sources. This significantly enhances contrast, and brightness, elevating picture quality by up to 80%.

4. What Sets AWOL Vision’s ALR Cinematic Screen Apart from Others?

The gain and contrast of the screen is a seesaw - high gain brings low contrast. AWOL Vision’s ALR  Cinematic Screen features TPU HBSP high-contrast material. This unique technology maintains high gain without compromising contrast, allowing us to deliver contrast levels up to 100 times greater than standard matte white projection screens.

5. Is the AWOL Vision ALR Screen compatible with other Ultra Short Throw laser projectors?

Absolutely, AWOL Vision ALR screen is compatible with all UST projectors.

6. Can I Install the ALR Screen on My Own?

Certainly, you can install it yourself by following the user manual or the installation guide video. Typically, it takes two people about 1-2 hours to complete the installation.

7. Is There a Customer Support Team?

Absolutely. Our Customer Support team is at your service around the clock, accessible through email, chat, and phone. Our team is located in Florida. You can reach out to us via Facebook or the live chat on our website, or simply give us a call.

Cinematic Screen
100'': 49.8'' Height x 88'' Width
120'': 60'' Height x 105.4'' Width
132'': 64.7" Height x 115.1" Width
150'': 73.5'' Height x 130.7'' Width
Frame Bezel
0.4 inches
100'': 22.3 lbs /10.1 kg
120'': 27.2 lbs /12.3 kg
132'': 37 lbs / 16.8 kg
150'': 54 lbs / 24.5 kg
Aspect Ratio
Ambient Light Resistance
Reject 85% Ceiling & Sides Lighting
Viewing Angle
Peak Gain

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