Get Creative with your AWOL Vision Laser TV Projector

Get Creative with your AWOL Vision Laser TV Projector

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If you are one of the lucky owners of an AWOL RGB laser projector, then you have come to the right place to discover what else your projector can do for you besides just enjoying your movies or watching your favorite team's games.

I am sure that reading this article will give you a new perspective on how you can use your AWOL laser TV differently and enjoy it at the highest level. AWOL is not just a projector or a TV, it is so much more.

Screen mirroring

The screen mirroring feature with the AWOL projector's built-in Chromecast is a feature you will love if you did not know it until today. Share your photos or videos with the rest of your family or simply enjoy them on a 120-inch screen.

Reading your PDFs and surfing the web in comfort on a huge screen turns simple everyday tasks into pure entertainment.

To connect your cell phone or tablet to the AWOL, simply select the screen sharing option in the main menu, scan the QR code displayed, and use the EShare app to start wirelessly sharing the screen of your portable device with the AWOL via your home Wi-Fi.

Artistic projection with your laser UST projector

Do you have a free wall in your kitchen or another room in your house? What would you say if I told you that it could be decorated every day with a different painting of one of Van Gogh's or Picasso's greatest works depending on your mood? Sounds exciting?

"Starry Night Over the Rhône" by Vincent van Gogh

Thanks to the reflective image creation of the most advanced RGB optical laser engine on the market, the paintings on your wall come to life with a color saturation and realism that would envy even their creators.

Create a virtual-reality environment with your Laser TV

With an RGB laser lifespan exceeding 25,000 hours, you can leave your AWOL switched on” all day long. So not only you can use it as a TV or personal home theater display device, but you can also create and enjoy a virtual-reality environment on a wall in your own living room.

Imagine a natural landscape with the sounds of nature on your wall, serving as a virtual window to the outside world while you cook in your kitchen. Sounds… delicious?

A virtual window to nature at your own kitchen

There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to using your AWOL Laser TV as wall decoration.

A real aquarium with sound in your living room would not only impress your guests but also bring tranquility to the room by reflecting aquarium sounds & colors throughout the room, transforming it from a cold space into a visual feast for you and your family.

A virtual aquarium with AWOL Vision Laser TV at your living room

Christmas with AWOL Laser TV Projector

Christmas is perhaps the most wonderful time of the year. The decorations, the Christmas lights, and the presents create a unique atmosphere in our homes.

With an AWOL laser TV projector, you can not only seriously upgrade your personal home cinema setup, but also the entire Christmas atmosphere in your home in a unique way.

With your AWOL, it can always snow in your home at Christmas while the sun shines outside, and Santa can enjoy a few moments of the 'North Pole' while he rests on your couch and eats the cookies you left for him the night before.

Everyday can be Christmas with AWOL Vision Laser TV

A live wooden hut in the middle of the forest may be the most relaxing Christmas decoration you have ever made in your bedroom.

The AWOL laser TV can be the best Christmas decoration you can imagine.

Relaxing time with your AWOL projector

With the lowest noise level on the market and its incredible color performance, the AWOL RGB laser projector can create a relaxing atmosphere in your room that you could not even imagine until now.

All you need is an empty surface and your AWOL projector. With this simple combination, a real window to the outside world will unfold in front of you.

Enjoying a vivid landscape with real-time video and sounds of nature in your bedroom after a busy day is something unique and not only helps to relieve daily stress but also increases the overall quality of life within your own four walls.

Relaxing is AWOL Laser TV friend

Our goal

Our goal at AWOL Vision is not only to provide our customers with remarkable products and the best possible aftersales support, but also to improve their lives on many more levels than they can imagine.

The innovative AWOL Vision RGB laser technology with the LTV series opens up new horizons in the way we can utilize the display devices in our home, something that was not even imaginable with traditional televisions or projectors until today.

AWOL Vision

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