Be in the Action - 2024 Olympics with AWOL Vision Laser TV

Be in the Action - 2024 Olympics with AWOL Vision Laser TV

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A brief look at the history of the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are considered the greatest event in the history of sport. Their origins date back to the era of Ancient Greece, to the year 776 B.C. They were originally held in Olympia in honor of the deity Zeus, a combination of religious festival and sporting competition. More than a millennium later, the modern Olympic Games, created by Pierre de Coubertin (a French educator and historian), saw the light of day in 1896. The event, which takes place every four years, has sparked an international fever and continues to thrill spectators all over the world to this day.

The Olympic Games, a global celebration of sportsmanship and sporting spirit

Watching the Olympic Games has always been a family affair. Whether cheering on the home athletes, marveling at the world records or simply witnessing the opening and closing ceremonies, the Olympics have always had something to offer every member of the family. These special moments shared with family are an opportunity to further strengthen relationships between family members through the enjoyment of the world's greatest sporting event, the Olympic Games.

Especially for children, the Olympic Games are perhaps one of the most important events to watch, as they showcase the best side of humanity through the Olympic spirit.

Enjoy the 2024 Olympic Games with the AWOL Vision UST Laser TV Projector

With the AWOL Vision UST Laser TV Projector, you can experience this summer's Olympic Games on a giant 150-inch screen like never before. Imagine watching the 100m sprint final as if you were sitting right in the stadium. The AWOL Vision Laser TV projector gives you crystal clear UHD images and vibrant colors covering 107% of BT.2020 that light up your surroundings with breathtaking realism.

The huge screen brings the stadium experience right into your living room for you and your family to share.

From the precision of gymnastics to the pace of track and field events, the AWOL Vision Laser TV brings every detail to life in a realistic and unique way for an unprecedented viewing experience.

AWOL Vision complements this unique family experience

With a screen size of up to 150 inches, the AWOL Vision Laser TV projector offers an enormous, larger-than-life viewing experience.

The ultra-high-definition resolution combined with the high-quality AWOL optics highlights every sport frame with breathtaking detail, which is especially important for sports broadcasts.

The MEMC function with AWOL Vision's special algorithms smoothes the moving images and shows us details that we would never normally see.

The pure RGB laser technology ensures spectacular colors and maximum brightness making sports viewing even more attractive.

AWOL Vision Laser TV is easy to set up as it can be placed close to the wall, saving a lot of space and time during installation.

The sound quality of the Dolby Atmos 36W integrated AWOL Vision Laser TV sound system provides a better experience, and you feel like you are at the venue instead of sitting at home.

In short, the Olympics is not just about bringing the competitors together, but also about coming together as a family to bond and share the joy.

With the AWOL Vision UST laser TV projectors, watching the Olympics becomes a special experience as it brings all those moments into your home with unbeatable clarity and excitement.

This summer, bring all your family members together, set out your favorite snacks and let the Olympic wonder enchant you.

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