Experience Every Game & Movie in Stunning 4K

The Best  4K 3D RGB Laser Projector





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Experience Every Game & Movie in Stunning 4K

The Best  4K 3D RGB Laser Projector



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LTV-3500 Pro Plus 100''-120" AWOL Vision Acoustic ALR Floor Rising Screen Bundle


Premium HD Quality Screen Material: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals with our top-tier HBSI ALR screen material. With over 50% enhanced gain compared to CBSP screens, you'll relish in active 3D projections without compromising contrast. Experience the brilliance of 4K/8K projections with the support. AWOL VISION screen has an expansive 170° viewing angle and 0.8 peak gain, coupled with an acoustic transparent design and a bottom black border for 3D stereo surround sound needs.

Intelligent control without Manual adjustments: Revolutionize your viewing experience with our smart control box featuring a memory function. Setting your desired floor-rising screen limit is a breeze. The motor and mechanism synchronize automatically Within 30 seconds in adjustment mode. Each time you raise the floor-rising screen, it effortlessly reaches your preset limit, adding a touch of luxury to your cinematic moments.

Amazing USB Synchronization: Enjoy convenience with our screen's ingenious projector power synchronization. You unlock a world of effortless elegance by connecting the USB Synchronized Trigger to your projector's USB port. Watch as your power on your projector and the motorized screen gracefully unfurl, aligning perfectly with your cinematic desires. And when it's time to wrap up, with a touch of a button, the screen elegantly descends, mirroring the finale of your viewing experience.

Mesmerizing Visual Grandeur: Feast your eyes with a mesmerizing 100-inch diagonal screen. Set in a 16:9 aspect ratio, our cutting-edge technology thwarts up to 95% of ambient light, all thanks to the cirriform optical surface lens microstructure. Immerse yourself in vibrant hues, sharp contrasts, and captivating images. These awe-inspiring visuals are perfectly compatible with Ultra HD/HD projectors for a viewing experience beyond compare.

Be Personally on the Scene: The 0.4mm sound hole of the screen is designed with an acoustic transparent feature for a surround sound experience that will give you all the cinematic thrill.

Fast and Easy Setup with Space-Saving Design: Forget complicated installations! Our electric pop-up/floor-rising series projector screen sets up in minutes. Just plug in the power cord, and our Wire Tension Technology ensures a flatness comparable to a glass surface. The screen seamlessly retracts when unused, optimizing space and maintaining a discreet allure.


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LTV-3500 Pro Plus 100''-120" AWOL Vision Acoustic ALR Floor Rising Screen Bundle