AWOL Vision Laser Projectors Have Been Officially Dolby Vision Certified


Hi Awollers,

We are excited to inform you that all of the following AWOL Vision laser projectors have been officially Dolby Vision certified by Dolby Lab:

LTV-2500: Evaluation Number 704794A

LTV-3000 Pro:  Evaluation Number 706271

LTV-3500: Evaluation Number 706272

LTV-3500 Pro:  Evaluation Number: 706273


No matter when you purchased the above models, the Dolby Vision feature can be activated by updating via the upcoming September 2023 OTA version firmware via Wi-Fi. And it is free for you!

It is estimated that the September 2023 version firmware will be released on Sep 30th 2023. Once it is available, all you have to do is to connect your projector to Internet, then go to Setting Menu-About-Update. Once it is updated successfully, you will notice there is Dolby Vision option in the menu. When you play Dolby Vision content, it will show Dolby Vision logo or you may see it from Source menu.

As soon as the September 2023 version firmware is ready, we will inform you by posting the notice on the website, FB, FB group and EDM. To ensure you enjoy Dolby Vision at the earliest, we encourage you to join our FB group and sign up our newsletters.